PhotoStory Project: Answering Essential Questions Using Digital Storytelling

Microsoft Photostory 3* provides a free and easy way to incorporate technology into classroom projects and presentations. Using graphics, audio, and/or music, students will work in pairs to create their own movie for use on the class website that answers an essential question from the USHistory8 curriculum. The use of Photostory provides students with skills in technology, presentations, visual literacy, and historical writing, which are key elements of the framework of 21st Century Skills.* Microsoft Photostory 3 is a free program that allows you to create a pictorial presentation with transitions between pictures, captions and music. Although we will be working in class on this project, the program is available for free download online for you to work on the project at home and at school.

How to Use This Wiki

  • All class periods can work together to accumulate appropropriate images. I have organized the wiki pages by section/essential question in order to facilitate this process.
  • Groups can also create their own wiki page for their own specific use
  • Tutorials are included to help you build a Photo Story
  • Documents distributed in class are distributed
  • Final products will be submitted on this wiki

Making an Enhanced Photo Story

Here are some valuable tutorials from Christopher Witschonke at

Blank Slides for Digital Storytelling

Needa blank slide that shows off a caption? Here's a great website that offers blank slides to use. Save the image and then insert into your digital story as needed.